Oxford Dictionnary


Word Reference, online dictionnary and translator

Conversation Exchange, online tandems

Thesaurus, online synonym dictionnary


Polyglot Club, online tandems

Cambridge Dictionnary, dictionnary and translator


English4U, site en anglais pour débutant

Grammar Index, ressources

British Council, tout ce dont vous avez besoin

Anglais Facile, cours en ligne


Open Edu, online redaction classes for various texts

Letter Writing Guide, for all your letter needs

Career Services, University of Pennsylvania

The Writing Center, to improve your academic writing


6 minute podcasts in British English

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LibriVox, free audiobooks

BBC pronunciation exercises

Playphrase, phrases from movies


American News, for all things nature


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GreenFacts, ecology and health

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Rolling Stones Mag, for all things culture


NASA, all about space