In the past, almost everyone lived in villages in the countryside, however since the industrial revolution and the consequent urbanisation and creation of large cities. More and more people have opted for living in the city rather than living in the countryside.

Pros of living in the city:
– You can encounter new faces every day because cities draw many more kinds of people to them from all over the world.
– More career opportunities: a city full of companies is a city full of job opportunities.
– A variety of affordable and well connected public transportation: Cities have trains or subways, buses, and plenty of taxis and ride sharing drivers so you can get where you need to go. Many public transportation options such as the bus and train are very affordable and free you of the hassle of driving. It is possible to live without a car in most major cities.
– There is a lot more choice in housing.
– There are more amenities: There is always something to do in a major city to keep people of all different interests from getting bored. Most cities have a lively nightlife, different types of food to try, shows of all types, museums, landmarks, parks, festivals, sports games, and much more.
– Lastly, living in a city means there is a close proximity to airports.

Pros of living in the countryside:
– Firstly there is peace and quiet.
– Lower housing costs: You can get a premium bungalow in the rural areas at a similar price for a studio in the metropolitan areas. The taxes for any kind of property are much less when compared to the taxes in the city.
– Lower crime rates: in general terms, it is safer to live in the country than in a big city. Due to less number of people, there are lesser chances of committing any crime like aggravated assault, theft or robbery.
Stronger community – it is easier to get to know your neighbours because there are fewer people, so people will be more welcoming.
– Breathing room: bigger houses and pollution free environment. There is a greater quality of air because you are closer to nature.
– Lastly, you can do more physical activity.

So what do you think, do you prefer living in the city or the countryside?

– Opted: make a choice from a range of possibilities.
– Encounter: meet (someone) unexpectedly.
– Hassle: irritating inconvenience.
– Amenities: a desirable or useful feature or facility of a building or place.
– Aggravated: (of an offence) made more serious by attendant circumstances.